Hip injuries can occur among athletes who use their body to perform powerful rotation and twisting movements. Whether it is from playing sports or from overuse, common injuries such as strains, fractures, and bursitis can oftentimes bench athletes and lead to additional problems. Hip pain is also a common occurrence among the older population as degenerative disease sets in from the natural wear and tear of the aging process.

A hip injury can be painful and debilitating for sufferers. Once Dr. Padalecki has completed a full hip examination, he will consult with you and discuss your exact injury, as well as the appropriate course of treatment. As a team, you will both work towards the most optimal outcome for your hip injury. Dr. Padalecki is skilled to treat a number of hip conditions, and when surgery is recommended, you can depend on his entire team to offer the best care and surgical approach to treat and manage your injury.

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) Specialist Are you experiencing deep pain, catching or locking in the hip, or a pinching sensation when the hip is flexed or rotated? If so, you may have Femoroacetabular Impingement or FAI. FAI is a condition that may result in pain and damage to the hip joint due [...]

External Snapping Hip Syndrome (Snapping ITB)

External Snapping Hip Syndrome (Snapping ITB) Specialist Are you experiencing external snapping in the hip either with or without pain? Does pain, inflammation and snapping tend to worsen with activity, but subsides when the same activity is stopped for a period of time? If so you may have Snapping Hip Syndrome. [...]

Chondral Defects of the Hip

Chondral Defects of the Hip (Articular Cartilage Damage) Specialist Are you experiencing hip pain or a "catching" sensation in the hip? If so you may have a chondral defect of the hip. Chondral hip defects occur when there is articular cartilage damage. Chondral defects specialist, Dr. Jeff Padalecki provides diagnosis and [...]

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