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Offering the latest techniques and procedures in the area of hip surgery, Dr. Padalecki is skilled to treat patients for a variety of hip related injuries ranging from degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, to labral tears sustained during sporting competition. After he has consulted with you and determined that hip surgery is the appropriate step to take, he will discuss which procedure will offer the most optimal outcome. Every patient requires a different approach, thus the technique may differ from person to person, and may require varying steps and/or stages depending on how complex the injury is. While some of the procedures might be handled arthroscopically, some will require an open approach. Following surgery, a thorough physical therapy program will be prescribed so that the goal of a full recovery can be achieved.

Femoroplasty (Cam Impingement Treatment)

Femoroplasty as a Cam Impingement Treatment Femoroacetabular impingement, otherwise known as FAI, is a condition marked by abnormal contact between the hip bones, and commonly affects young and middle-aged adults who are involved in repetitive sports. The ball (femoral head) can impact the socket (acetabulum) and lead to degeneration within the joint. Depending on what [...]

Partial Psoas Lengthening

An Overview on Partial Psoas Lengthening as a Psoas Impingement Treatment The hip flexor muscles play a key role in allowing individuals to partake in sporting activities that include running and sprinting. Individuals who engage in sports or activities that involve the iliopsoas muscle are at a greater risk for injury. Chronic overuse of [...]

Hip Labral Repair

An Overview on Hip Labral Repair A hip labral tear is often the result of overuse in sports. The labrum can become torn for a variety of reasons.  The labrum can be injured or torn because of a traumatic, acute injury (such as a hip subluxation or dislocation that occurs during competitive sports) or [...]

Gluteus Medius, Minimus Repairs

An Overview on Gluteus Medius Repair and Minimus Muscle Repair During a traumatic event (such as a direct impact sustained during sports competition), the tendon attachment of the gluteus medius and/or minimus muscles can peel-off at their attachment site on the greater trochanter. The greater trochanter is part of the femur and is located at [...]

Chondroplasty and Microfracture

An Overview on Chondroplasty and Microfracture as Articular Cartilage Treatments Articular cartilage is the substance that covers our joints and is responsible for providing a smooth and pain-free gliding motion. If articular cartilage is damaged, or if it begins to degenerate due to a previous injury, pieces of it may break off and become [...]